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Episode 15: Lessons From 4 Seed Rounds, 4 Series A Rounds, 3 Series B Rounds, 2 Series C Rounds And 2 Successful Exits With Roger Yuen

In this episode, I speak with Roger, Founder and CEO of Clozette, a visual-centric women social network. Roger is also the co-founder of ViSenze and 6Estates.

In the first part of the episode, Roger shared why Clozette is the most exciting business he’s involved in. We discussed the chicken and egg problem that the social network had to overcome in the early days and how Clozette is built in a way that it will remain relevant, forever.

In the second part, we discussed Roger’s entrepreneurial story. He shared how capitalised on the different opportunities that presented themselves before him and why he is still so motivated and driven. Towards the end, he shared one of his biggest mistakes in his career, entering a business he should never have gone into.


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