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Episode 18: The Reality Of Running A Startup – Raising Funds, Hiring, Acquiring Users And Iterating With Lex Na

In this episode, I speak with Lex, founder and CEO of Bountie, a platform that empowers gamers to earn a living from gaming. Before founding Bountie, Lex ran digital agencies and e-Commerce businesses and had a successful exit.

Lex started off sharing how he got into his first few businesses and what made him transition from the agency business to the startup world. He then spoke about Bountie’s ICO, what he did wrong and how he could have done it better. He shared how they acquired users in the early days and solved the common startup chicken and egg problem. Lex was extremely honest with his mistakes and was very open about how he would have done things differently. If you’re an entrepreneur, this episode is a must for you.


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