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Episode 21: Charge More And Sell More Than Your Competitors With Jean Ginzburg

Our guest today is Jean from Ginball Digital Marketing, a digital marketing and social media agency and consultancy servicing startups and small/mid-sized businesses. Jean is a best selling author, award winning entrepreneur and digital marketing expert.

In this episode, Jean shares how being an expert digital marketer allows her to start many businesses and grow them quickly. She then shares about the early days of Ginball, going from an affiliate marketing agency to a full service digital marketing agency, and how she went from being an executioner to a manager. She also shares why she’s able to charge a premium and grow, even in trying times. Towards the end of the episode, Jean tells us exactly how to become an Amazon best selling author and also gave advice to people looking to move into the coaching space.


This episode is sponsored by GENIA, a leading SEO and Copywriting Agency.

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